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You want to know the thing I hear most often when I talk to women about a boudoir photo shoot? "Oh, I'd loooove to do a session one day when I...

When I lose 20 pounds. 

When I get back in shape. 

When my hair grows back out. 

When I'm through having babies.




We've lived a lifetime accepting messages that we aren't pretty enough, aren't skinny enough, aren't fit enough. And I've had enough. 

You owe it to yourself and your marriage to accept who you are as perfect. Not just because this makes an incredible gift, but because you are feminine, lovely, sexual, and strong, regardless of your relationship status.

Whether you're in the best physical shape of your life, post baby, embracing extra curves, adjusting to an empty nest, or accepting a middle-aged body, we're all fighting the same battle: to love ourselves and give ourselves the grace we give others.

Expensive lingerie, thigh gaps and perfect skin aren't beauty. Beauty is a belly laugh, beauty is a t-shirt and vulnerability, beauty is meeting yourself in the mirror and appreciating (loving!) what looks back at you. 

So, in case no one has told you lately, you are beautiful, brave, and worthy. Let me show you what I see. 

I am certain that doing this session last year, when our second child was 8 months old, for a tenth anniversary gift, was one of THE BEST gifts I could have ever given myself! My husband LOVES his book, most certainly! But the process of gifting it to him and feeling sexy and beautiful MYSELF has been nothing but rewarding for my confidence and our sex life. Thank you SO much for offering this to us, Caley! Anyone on the fence about this, I can confirm that you SHOULD do this for so many reasons!
— R.L.

Hi, I'm Caley, your friendly Nashville boudoir photographer. 

I started shooting weddings because I loved the idea of being an encouragement to new marriages, but, having been married for 11 years myself, I've become increasingly passionate about keeping the spark alive within more established marriages, too.

With that experience, women began to open up to me about their journeys to (and struggles with) a healthy sex life in their marriages or self-worth in everyday life.

What a lot of it came down to is this: We've been taught for a long time that we need to cover our bodies and hide behind our insecurities. That's not only a harsh message but a lie intended to destroy the incredible intimacy that can happen between you and your partner, and it's not fair to anyone — not our spouses, not our daughters, not us — to believe those lies. 

And I'm here to tear them to the ground. 


Since I don't have a master's degree in counseling, I'm pretty decent behind a camera, and I'm great at posing, boudoir photography is the how to my why. And while I think your body and everything it can do (have sex! grow a human! make milk! bleed for a week without killing you!) is an incredible thing to celebrate, I also believe these images are deeply personal and private, so, here I am with a boudoir website that doesn't really post images publicly. 

Know that that's because I respect you and don't want to see your images floating around who-knows-where on the internet. If you want to see images, I have some amazing clients who let me share their boudoir photos behind a password-protected gallery or in albums at my studio, and you can fill out the Connect form to get access to those. 


What can you expect in a BOUDOIR PHOTO SHOOT? I'm here to tell you all about it.